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Speaker, FACTRIGHT Due Diligence Webinar: Rise of the Mini-IPO – The Road to NYSE and NASDAQ Using Regulation A+, July 26, 2017

With three issuers recently listing on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ, Regulation A+ is proving to be an efficient and cost-effective method to raise up to $50 million dollars and a stepping stone to becoming a public company.

Things have certainly changed. Before the JOBS Act, Regulation A was a dormant tool for small issuers to raise capital. Now we see it as a basis for many issuers to raise capital by launching a mini-IPO.

How will these Reg A+ opportunities affect you and your business? Join FactRight’s own Brandon Raatikka on Wednesday, July 26th at 2:00 pm(CDT) as he leads a panel discussion with securities lawyers Scott Andersen and George S. Georgiades on the Rise of the Mini-IPO: The Road to NYSE and NASDAQ Using Regulation A+.

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